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Thermal Features of Yellowstone NP

September 2019

Of course, the first geyser we saw in Yellowstone was Old Faithful which erupts from 100 to 200 ft.

Castle geyser was beautiful as a rainbow appeared while it was erupting. It has a height of 90 ft and erupts for 20 minutes.

Then on to Riverside geyser which erupts over the Firehole river 75 ft for 20 minutes.

Some smaller geysers are Aurum and Anemone. Watch the water drain from Anemone at the end of the video.

This geyser sounds like a washing machine.

Cool sounding geyser.
Morning Glory Pool is a beautiful hot spring near Old Faithful.
Grotto geyser so named because of its numerous sinuous apertures, splashes to 15 ft.

Imperial Geyser is a backcountry geyser reached by hiking a few miles. It erupted about 50 ft and seemed to go off continuously while I was there eating my lunch.

Great Fountain geyser was I think, the tallest geyser I saw, reaching 100 to 230 ft and lasting from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs. It is located on Firehole Lake Dr.
White Dome geyser is next to Great Fountain and reaches 20 ft, going off every 20 minutes. In fact, while waiting for the Great Fountain to erupt, we saw White Dome erupt 3 times.

Also along Firehole Lake Drive on the edge of Hot Lake are the Young Hopeful Geyser and Artesia Geyser. Both go off nearly continuously.
Fountain geyser in the Lower Geyser Basin area reaches 50 to 90 ft and erupts about 20 minutes.

Clepsydra geyser is next to Fountain and erupts 10 to 40 ft, erupting nearly continuously.

Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest of Yellowstone's colorful hot springs, 200 ft across with a water temperature of 160 F. This spring pours 500 gallons of hot water each minute into the Firehole river.

This geyser sounds like someone breathing hard.

Artist's paint pots.

Lone Star geyser is another backcountry geyser reached by hiking 2.5 miles. It reaches 45 ft and erupts for 20 to 30 minutes every 3 hours. I was very lucky to see it as it erupted 10 minutes after I arrived.
Black Sand Basin Area.
Sapphire Pool
Avoca Spring erupts 25 ft high.

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